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Language trilogy: Foreigner

Ahilan Ratnamohan, Matīss Gricmanis
7 September 21.00, Ģertrūdes ielas teātris |
8 September 19.00, Ģertrūdes ielas teātris | 7 and 5 eur

Language trilogy is a research by Tamil and Latvian theatre makers Ahilan Ratnamohan and Matīss Gricmanis on the symbolic and social capital of language, and it’s role in the society’s power relations.
Foreigner is a performance game in which a group of adult migrants, who are learning Latvian, come in intimate contact with a local audience. Through a series of language games they attempt to introduce themselves. A strange paradox evolves; they are the masters of the game, yet constantly hindered by their rudimentary language skills, striking a curious mix between fragility, playfulness and resilience. They guide the audience yet require their assistance. Foreigner is an examination of the power of language in society in a very practical and social sense, an attempt to re-frame, warp and explode the stereotypical image of the foreigner who cannot speak the language and all its associated baggage.

About artist

Ahilan Ratnamohan is a theatre maker working with unconventional forms and performers to create cross-disciplinary pieces inspired by sport, film and linguistics. In his early twenties Ahil attempted to make a career as a professional footballer. Since 2007 he creates performance in Australia and Europe. Currently Ahilan is based in Antwerp where he is resident artist at Monty Kultuurfaktorij.
Matīss Gricmanis is Latvian writer, dramaturg and theatre maker. Recently he has revealed his personal experience of being a member of the far-right political party in Latvia in the Dirty Deal Teatro performance To be a nationalist (director Valters Sīlis).


Idea, direction: Ahilan Ratnamohan
Dramaturgy: Mātiss Gricmanis
Pperformers: Irina Solomodenko, Richard Solomodenko, Viktorija Riashchenko, Ismayil Hasanli, Sateesh Angati
Anastasios Kolliopoulos
Production: Sandra Lapkovska, New Theatre Institute of Latvia
Premiere on 7 September, 2017








Ģertrūdes ielas teātris

7 and 5*



In Latvian

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Ģertrūdes ielas teātris

Ģertrūdes iela 101a

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* Reduced price for students, seniors, people with disabilities

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