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Seeking Unicorns

Chiara Bersani
In 2021 to be confirmed | to be confirmed

Nothing is known about the unicorn. They have disappeared and their trace has been lost, partially due to the human greed.
In her solo piece Seeking Unicorns Chiara Bersani gives away her flesh, muscles, bones, eyes and breath to the unicorn. The mythical creature returns to us for a short moment to soon leave again to be with their kin. Chiara explores political notion of the body and how it is interpreted by others.

About artist

An Italian artist and performer Chiara Bersani works mainly in the field of theatrical research and draws from contemporary dance and performing arts. As an actress/performer, she has worked with leading figures of the European contemporary scene, such as Alessandro Sciarroni, Rodrigo Garcia, Jérôme Bel. Chiara is interested in the body’s political significance. In 2019, she was awarded the prestigious Ubu prize as Best Performer under 35.


Concept, performance: Chiara Bersani
Sound design: Fra De Isabella
Stage management: Paolo Tizianel
Light: Valeria Foti
Dramaturgical advisor: Luca Poncetta, Gaia Clotilde Chernetih
Movement coach: Marta Ciappina
Artistic advisor: Marco D’Agostin
Administrative advisor: Chiara Fava
Distribution, communication: Giulia Traversi
Production: Associazione Culturale Corpoceleste_C.C.00#

In 2021

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