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Sanctuary of Truth

Kate Krolle
3, 4, 6, 7 September 18.00, house on Jelgavas street | 7 and 5 eur

With her new work Sanctuary of truth Brussels based Latvian visual artist Kate Krolle continues her journey in the territory of theatre. By turning long abandoned factory into sanctuary and guiding audience through the sequence of ritual acts, Kate is looking for light in the dark depths of truth. Can feelings become a ritual practice? How to get rid of one’s identity without loosing the ability to feel? Immersed in subtle visual and sound landscape it’s a collective search for the meaning of life and death.

About artist

Kate Krolle is a graduate of the Art Academy of Latvia and the post-graduate of the Audiovisual research centre Le Fresnoy in France, where she has received the Les amis du Fresnoy award. Using a variety of media, the artist examines the relationship between nature and human life along with experience and instincts, as well as loneliness as a permanent state of human being. To capture the fragile and obscure nature of Kate’s work time and contemplation skill is required.


Author: Kate Krolle
Performers: Lauma Balode, Reinis Bērziņš, Artūrs Čukurs, Viktors Dumonts, Sņežana Guzja, Artūrs Kalvāns, Kate Krolle, Vairis Nartišs, Dženeta Okorie, Alberts Vārpiņš, Dārta Zālīte, Bogdans Topčijs, Dace Jakoviča, Gunvaldis Eisaks, Gustavs Bērziņš
Costume design: Arita Varžinska
Sound design: Reinis Semēvics
Technical support: Kristaps Krolls
Producer: Linda Pēterkopa, New Theatre Institute of Latvia
Premiere on 3 September, 2017


3, 4, 6, 7



House on Jelgavas street

7 and 5*



In Latvian or English

Run time

1h 30

Supported by

* Reduced price for students, seniors, people with disabilities

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