Homo Novus



Chiara Bersani (Italy)
06.09., 07.09., 08.09. 17:00-19:00, University of Latvia Botanical Garden | Free entry with a ticket to Botanical Gardens

Not knowing when the Dawn will come,
I open every Door,
Or has it Feathers, like a Bird,
Or Billows, like a Shore.

FUMÈA is an Italian word that came into use in the 12th century. It means smoke; fuming; fog; caliginous vapour. Fumèa is a particular state of the atmosphere whose transparency is greatly reduced by the presence of air vapours.
FUMÈA is also our invitation to you. We would like to lead you into a time for which we don’t yet have the words. A time for which we may never have words. Perhaps there are no human words for this time. A time that asks us to renounce our verticality, to abandon our known postures, and to discover the ground.
The strong smell of the earth.
The secret paths of the roots.
The time of FUMÈA as it appears and migrates and


About artist

Chiara Bersani is an Italian performer and author active in the field of performing arts, research theater and contemporary dance. As an interpreter and as a director / choreographer moves through different languages and visions. Her works, presented in international circuits, are born as creations in dialogue with spaces of different nature and are mainly aimed at a “neighbor” to the scene. Her research as an interpreter and author is based on the concept of the “Political Body” and the creation of practices aimed at training its presence and action. The “manifest” work of this research is Gentle Unicorn, a performance included in the Aerowaves platform. For the rigor in embodying this study she is awarded the UBU Award for best new actress / performer under 35 for 2018. In August 2019, during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Gentle Unicorn and Chiara Bersani won the first prize in the dance category of the Total Theater Awards. Chiara Bersani is an artist of Apap – Advancing Performing arts project – Feminist Future until 2024.


Created by: Chiara Bersani
Sound design: Lemmo
Dramaturgical advise: Giulia Traversi
Technical direction: Valeria Foti
Promotion, care: Giulia Traversi
Logistics: Eleonora Kavallo
Administration: Chiara Fava
Producer: C.C00#_Ass. Culturale Corpoceleste
Supported by: Homo Novus festival

6, 7, 8



Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia

Free entry with a ticket to Botanical Gardens

Performative installation open between 17.00 and 19.00. We kindly ask the audience to gather for the performance Latvijas Universitātes Botāniskais dārzs at the following times – 17:00, 17:45 or 18:30.

University of Latvia Botanical Garden

Kandavas iela 2, Rīga

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