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David Weber-Krebs and Simone Basani ‘and then the doors opened again’ workshop: as spectators, what do we crave for now?

On April 8, 2020, in the middle of the first Covid-19 wave in Europe, artist David Weber-Krebs invited his colleagues around the world to participate in a collective act of imagination. He asked them via email to imagine the future of theatre from that specific moment when theatres were closed and it was not clear how, when, and even if they would open again. The answers were compiled in the book and then the doors opened again, which was published in September 2020 by Onomatopee.

David Weber-Krebs | 03 08 2022 | Information

Homo Novus announces application for the MONUMENTAL school (working title) school

Through performative action and dramaturgy, participants of the festival school will investigate local materials and landscapes, including the festival programme as contested space. Join Latai and Brian in the Oceanian philosophy of Vā.

Bek Berger | 02 08 2022 | Information

Merel Hering’s workshop: Creating new international realities (together)

We look into working internationally through the lense of ethics. When looking at your (aspired or current) international practices through the lense of social and environmental justice, which concerns do you have? What would support a greater alignment of your visions, values and actions?

Bek Berger | 02 08 2022 | Information

Homo Novus 2022 is looking for volunteer assistants

The International Festival of Contemporary theatre, "Homo Novus" is looking for volunteer assistants who are ready to join the team of organizers. The festival will take place from September 2nd to 12th, but we will be waiting for reinforcements from the middle of August.

Dita Birkenšteina | 02 08 2022 | Information